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Podcast Interview with Patricia C. Brooks, The Courage Catalyst

Patricia Brooks is a life experiences coach, speaker, and the author of Growing Bold: How to Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Love the Life you Live and Live a Bold Life: Your 30-Day Mission to a Fearless Future. She is the host of the Discovering Courage Podcast where each week she explores how ordinary people have managed to live extraordinary lives. Patricia is currently living in France, pursuing her dreams.

Here is a link to an interview Patricia did with me in 2018, a few years ago. I came across it today and thought the content is still relevant, so here it is...

We met about five years ago (maybe more) when Patricia was planning on moving to France from the USA. It was a huge step for her and we've remained friends ever since. In that time she's written two books and is now coaching woman who wish to make a similar transition to her - she is definitely a courage catalyst!

Irena-Marie Makowska is a Mind Coach and works with individuals, teams and companies to be mentally fit and emotionally resilient. You cannot become physically fit by going to the gym once! The same with maintaining mental fitness - it's an ongoing journey. However once you have various 'coping' tools at hand, to call upon whenever there's some sort of crisis - be it a mini setback or a major life-changing event, we become emotionally and mentally resilient. As my mother said often enough: "Irena, pick yourself up, brush yourself down, and start all over again." Which I did, and occasionally still do! For more information email me on

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