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Warrior, Settler or Nomad

WSN is a hypothesis based on the evolutionary psychology of our early ancestors - the ancient warriors, farmers and explorers. Over 100,000 years their genetic information has been coded and passed down to you - a living record of their lives and ways.


There are three primary colours : red, yellow and blue and when mixed, together and separately, in different percentages, they can create any colour. It is the same with people - we are a percentage integration of these three archetypes, warrior, settler and nomad.

In this workshop we explore emotional intelligence, self awareness and cognitive flexibility to enhance self confidence. And how our thoughts and beliefs shape our habits, and how our habits affect how we think, feel, and react.


Part two – understanding how the brain works and neuroplasticity.

Did you know that when we think about the future, the same part of the brain gets activated as when we think about the past? Learn how to use the power of your imagination and experience visual mental imagery to enhance the person you are, learn new skills, understand how you behave within teams, your strengths and weaknesses.

The workshop is available in a number of formats:

  • 1:1 coaching for personal and/or professional development

  • Team building - for either an established team or a group of individuals coming together to experience the workshop

    • ​2-day workshop or broken down into smaller mini workshops

All workshops can be delivered virtually or on-site.

Note: Warriors, Settlers & Nomads is based on the best-selling book by Terence Watts, Psychotherapist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Terence is the author of 24 books and training manuals, creator of more than 20 advanced training courses for professional therapists and is the founder of BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy®).

Format and timescale to meet Client needs. 

Tailored Workshops

Management Workshop
Lightbulb moments

Tools to manage stress and anxiety...

Lightbulb moments

Rebooting the human in YOU...

Lightbulb moments

Emotional intelligence, resilience and self awareness...

Lightbulb moments

Who am I and why do I behave as I do...?

Management Workshop
Lightbulb moments

Increasing energy and decreasing negative mindset...

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