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About Me

I began my career in PR and media relations after training as a BBC radio journalist - and have worked in South Africa, the United Kingdom and France.

Over the years I have founded four businesses, but with Focus Wellbeing (established in 2012), I have finally created work that I am truly passionate about – us humans - our vulnerabilities, our power and how we limit ourselves with negative thought patterns.

We are hard-wired for survival and change threatens our fundamental way of being. Understanding how our brain works and how to create sustained change is the basis of all my workshops and 1:1 programmes.

I specialise in BWRT© (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy), Psychology of Identity and Behaviours, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, Visual Mental Imagery, Transformational Coaching and Mindfulness. 

Under the banner of Focus Wellbeing, I work with individuals on personal issues, and also with teams and businesses - designing and facilitating tailored workshops on mental fitness, emotional intelligence and resilience. 

I am fascinated with how our brain works and the neuroscience behind it. When we are creating change - put simply, it is like updating our old out-of-date software in our brain and 'downloading a new operating system'. 


Do you know only 10% of our behaviour is a result of conscious decision-making, while the remaining 80/90% is driven by our subconscious? To create sustained change you need to work with the subconscious. It is the hard drive of our brain and stores all our habits, beliefs and behaviours, information stored since our earliest memories.

Irena-Marie Makowska

Specialising in Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, Transformational Coaching and Mindfulness

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