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Lauren Bolakoro-Brooks on losing 18kg for her wedding day
five stars google rating

Lauren Bolakoro-Brooks

“This amazing woman helped change my life. I’ve lost a total of 18kg over 18 months!"

​Generally we overeat for a reason, so understanding that reason and either resolving it or learning to accept it is a major breakthrough.


We all know diets and pills are not effective in maintaining a healthy weight permanently. Surgery has shown that there are often long-term health issues.


The first step of the programme is to book your personal one-2-one with Irena to discuss your blocks and your goals.

Irena uses a combination of mindset tools such as BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy), hypnosis, coaching, NLP and mindfulness.


The programme empowers you to alter your eating habits, reframe how you view yourself, build self confidence and implement an exercise routine that works for you.

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 24 Group Workshop:


Tuesday mornings at 10am CET:

Week 1- 16th January

Week 2 - 23rd 

Week 3 - 30th

Week 4 - 6th February


Thursday evenings at 7pm CET:

Week 1 - 18th January

Week 2 - 25th 

Week 3 - 1st February

Week 4 - 8th 

Prior to commencing the workshop each individual has a 1-2-1 with Irena to discuss your particular needs/issues...

Retraining your Mind & Body for Healthy Weight Management
Five-week Programme

A tailored five-week programme focusing on healthy weight management and exercise. Either face-2-face or on-line.


Over the five weeks we will focus on:

  1. Reducing portion sizes, nutrition, snacking

  2. Negative beliefs patterns and breathing techniques for weight loss and mental health

  3. Exercising and self-confidence

  4. Identity and Mindset…

Upon completion, you will receive a personalised audio recording to keep focused, motivated on on-goal...

The Virtual Gastric Band option:

The VGB has undergone clinical trials in the UK, the only VGB to ever undergo these trials. 

Whether to have the band 'fitted' is a personal choice. This is 100% natural and safe - no pills, no injections, no surgery, no after-effects... to find out more about the VGB or any other questions you may have, you are welcome to set up a discovery call here:

Group Workshops:
Healthy W
eight Management
Four-week Group Programme
+ 1-2-1

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