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Exam Stress Audio Downloads

Some tips in the audio 

Create a worry hour:
Worry is a natural thing we do - we often problem-solve while worrying BUT if it becomes obsessive, it's counterproductive.

  • Agree a time with yourself that is convenient to worry. 

  • Never worry outside that agreed time.

  • You can worry as much as you like in that agreed time (note - you will often forget to worry!)

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  • Visualise and feel how you want to feel and be instead - our brain does not know the difference between a fact (the earth is round) or a belief (I am terrible at exams). If we believe something about yourselves - whether positive or negative - our brain takes that belief on as a fact. However you can change that belief and create a new fact!

Ring of Confidence:

  • Put your index finger and thumb together, creating a ring shape. Follow the instructions in the audio - putting happy memories and feelings into your ring of confidence, so whenever you're feeling worried or anxious, put your ring into action.  

Use your imagination - imagine walking into that exam, sitting down calmly, easily retrieving all the information stored in your memory and finishing - feeling good about yourself.

You can, you will, you are....

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